23 October 2023

PayPal Sydney – Behind the Scenes

In this post, we are going to talk about our experience managing an exciting shoot for PayPal in sunny Sydney. We’re going to take a look at:

  1. What was the project?
  2. How did we get the project?
  3. How did we start the project?
  4. How was it working with crew overseas?
  5. What production was like 

What was the project?

So, what was the project? PayPal wanted to create videos to help show customers in Australia how they can better use, move, and manage their money using PayPal. Based on an existing US series, the videos feature real PayPal users in an authentic setting being interviewed about how they use existing PayPal products.

How did we get the project?

We were lucky to win this job after submitting a pitch to the PayPal team. In our pitch, we explained our logistics plan, highlighted our contacts in Australia, and showcased our production team in the UK. Once we landed the gig, we celebrated briefly before getting stuck into pre-production.

How did we start this project?

To start the project, our first challenge was to find suitable locations for the pre-designed customer interviews. It was crucial that these locations matched both the customers’ personalities and the story we wanted to convey. To accomplish this, we used websites like Peerspace, Tag Venue, and A Perfect Space to search for potential options. We compiled a list of various locations that we believed represented the customers’ stories and submitted it to PayPal for approval.

Once approved, we visited these locations for a recce, where we assessed their suitability. This step is essential for a successful production because sometimes locations may look great in photos but have poor lighting, limited space, or a lack of electricity ports (we’ve learned from past mistakes).

In addition to finding the right locations, we had to ensure they were appropriately dressed. To create an authentic atmosphere, our director and production designer collaborated to match each location with the customers’ stories, incorporating tasteful and realistic blue and yellow elements inspired by PayPal’s branding. Wardrobe selection was equally important. Working with a stylist in Sydney, we met with the customers, got to know them, and discussed their personal style. Based on that information, our stylist and director proposed various outfits that best reflected the customers’ personalities within their respective locations.

Working with crew overseas

Working with a crew overseas might seem challenging because of the time difference, particularly since we’re based in the UK and Sydney is 9 hours ahead. However, we discovered that with proper planning and clear communication, we were able to effectively support our team there and accomplish all the necessary tasks before filming commenced.

What production was like

A few members of our UK production team travelled to Sydney to assist with filming over the course of a week. Thanks to the diligent work done during pre-production and the remarkable efforts of our Sydney team, the shoots were incredibly successful. We made sure that the crew fully understood the expectations and schedule for each day. Additionally, our team meticulously planned out the day to ensure we had enough time for setup, filming, and packing up without any unnecessary stress.

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and relished the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities in an international shoot. 

Check this out!

We put together a quick video about the time we spent out in Sydney!

The final result!

The final videos can be seen on PayPal AU’s YouTube channel


Contact Us for Your Next Video Project

We are excited to apply the experience we gained to our future projects. If you have a video project that requires utilising crews from different parts of the world, please reach out to us, and we will be delighted to assist you.

Jove Tyson

23 October 2023

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