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The Brief

We were commissioned by our longtime agency partners at Wooshii to produce a cinematic case study video for Canadian tech company Descartes Systems.

The piece would be focused on renowned sports apparel brand ABYL, one of Descartes’ key clients, and how the utilisation of Peoplevox has helped to elevate and streamline their workflows.

Our goal was to take the audience on an inspiring journey, showcasing how ABYL evolved from a simple idea in a bedroom, armed with just a laptop, to becoming a powerhouse in the sports apparel sector with the help of Descartes’ streamlined shipping and logistics software, ensuring seamless delivery to their customers.

The Shoot

We were keen to deviate from typical corporate case study tropes and approach this content as a unique and cinematic piece.

We utilised low angle and wide symmetrical shots for interviews, deviating from the standard wide/close-up pairing prevalent in most talking head pieces. For b-roll we leaned heavily into using tracking shots, seamlessly transitioning between establishing cutaways and intimate closeups, providing viewers with an insider’s view of the action-packed day-to-day operations at ABYL’s massive production warehouse.

We also utilised our 360 camera to capture unique point-of-view shots. This innovative tool allowed us to capture the essence of ABYL’s production line like never before; attaching the camera to moving trollies and packages, bringing a thrilling and immersive perspective to the footage.

Given ABYL’s busy schedule, we knew we had to maximise our shooting time. To accomplish this, we divided into two dedicated units. One unit focused on utilising the 360 camera to capture the intricate workings of the production line, while the other unit focused on capturing cinematic shots that would add a touch of grandeur to the final product.

The Edit

In order to fulfil the brief effectively, it was essential that we produced a high-tempo, high energy edit with unique and bespoke graphical elements.

In order to achieve this, we leaned heavily on the utilisation of movement to motivate cuts. 360 point-of-view shots were incorporated to punctuate sections and add a unique perspective at points where they were relevant to the sequence. This syncopation worked well to add a unique perspective to scenes that would typically rely entirely on gimbal, slider and static tripod shots.

We decided to build unique graphical elements to bring into the edit also to further enhance the stylised nature of the film. This included a moving, sketchbook style canvas with polaroid-style photographs, hand-drawn style 2D animated text elements, and an assortment of film burn and grain overlays and textures.

The Results

The collaboration between Ether/Awe, Wooshii, and Descartes was truly exceptional, with a continuous exchange of suggestions and ideas.

This collaborative synergy resulted in a truly unique video, showcasing an outstanding production value that shines through in the final project.

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