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The Brief

Ether/Awe’s editing and motion graphics teams were approached to create a series of short promotional videos for cloud native video publishing and editing platform Blackbird Video.

The goal of this content was focused around highlighting the four key aspects of the software; namely it’s superior rendering and exporting times, low costing, remote working capabilities and reduced environmental impact compared to it’s competitors. The brief was to explore these features through four 30-second mixed media videos, titled ‘Speed’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Cost’ and ‘Carbon’.

The video would comprise of a mix of stock video footage, animations and typography.

The Edit

For this project, the most important things were consistency and attention to detail.

Across all the videos in this series, style and quality had to remain consistent so that a customer could easily consume all 4 videos seamlessly and digest the messaging without distractions. They needed to flow smoothly and grab attention, and this meant great attention had to be paid to the many elements contained in each.

One of the key effects used in this series is screen replacement. Each video contains one or several instances where a computer, phone or tablet is in use and the contents of the screen needed to be replaced with the Blackbird application. Each of the live action shots that appears in the video is either stock or library footage supplied by the client, and therefore none of it was created to be used for our specific purposes. This meant that a huge amount of work went into tracking, matching and blending the required screen recordings into their new environments.

The Results


In the end, we couldn’t be more pleased with how these videos came out. They’re quick, they’re snappy and they flow beautifully from start to finish, integrating difficult but effective techniques to create a piece that appears effortless, despite what’s going on under the hood.

Since this project was completed, we’ve been invited to do screen replacement and 3D motion on a much more regular basis and whilst this one was a trial by fire, it’s the challenging projects that teach you the most!

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