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The Brief

We were commissioned by London-based agency Designwerk to produce a one-minute social video and associated content package for World Rugby’s Destination Rugby campaign, designed to promote iconic national destinations related to the sport and increase footfall to the World Rugby Museum.

The concept was to kick off and promote the ‘Handoff Challenge’, and featured Welsh Rugby Union legend, Shane Williams. Designwerk installed a Batak wall at the museum and Williams was to complete the Batak challenge and challenge followers to come to the museum to beat his score.

The Shoot

We had worked with Designwerk previously on several campaigns for the UEFA Europa League and 2018 European Championships, and so had already built an excellent rapport with the creative team and a strong understanding of the agency’s macro-level, brand-focused approach to their content.

It was essential for the videos to immerse themselves in World Rugby’s marketing mix, in everything from the shooting style to the colour palette.

We dressed and lit the set upon arrival, rigging several World Rugby banners in the frame to ensure that the branding was prominent in each shot.

We only had access to Shane for about one hour and the museum for around four hours, so it was essential that we were quick on our feet. We exclusively utilised handheld camerawork, allowing us to be reactive to Shane’s movements and to reduce setup time between shots. We used Kino Flo lights to add a softness to the lighting, supplemented with orange gels to mimic World Rugby’s golden colour palette. We boosted the colour temperatures in-camera to further enhance this golden hue.

The Edit

This was another quick-turnaround edit for the Ether/Awe team, with the video set to go out within three days of the shoot. We commenced the edit within three hours of wrapping.

The edit itself was relatively straightforward. We designed animated opening and closing idents based on Designwerk’s design files and creative deck and further enhanced the brand’s golden hue in the colour grade

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