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Animation / Explainer / Promotional Video

The Brief

We were commissioned by Wooshii to create a 75-second animated explainer and promotional video for cloud-based traffic surveillance company One Network to showcase their new ‘Live Link’ product.

Live Link shows up-to-date traffic information, including roadworks, accidents and road closures, for road and transportation agencies to better reach their goal of “vision zero”. We were tasked with highlighting these key features in an easily digestible, slick and engaging animated piece.

The Shoot


Starting with a completely blank canvas and a few assets and documents containing key visuals, we set to work scripting and storyboarding this content. This involved splitting and compositing the raw materials into a numerous high quality assets that could be separately animated and brought together for explaining the functionality of the tool.

This was an extensive process that involved several rounds of client feedback to ensure that the story structure and visual style were dialled in before we commenced the animation.

The pre-production phase was essential and extremely valuable in this project given the nature of the assets that we had to work with. Since we were repurposing still images rather than creating new assets from scratch, there were limitations to what we could achieve in animation.

The process of storyboarding allowed us to experiment with the assets and work with the client to find a set of movements that could be both completed to a high standard and effectively communicate the client’s key messaging. Managing this stage of the process allowed us to keep expectations in check whilst allowing us to push the boundaries of the content as far as we could.

The Edit

The extensive pre-production process ensured that the animation phase was quick and painless, going from storyboard to finished product within two weeks and with minimal versions created.

We developed a clean and consistent style of eased motion for the vehicles and other assets in the animation to ensure smooth movement. We were able to create a style for the map screens which represented the true functionality of the app whilst elevating it to a clean and easily digestible visual.

The animation was completed in Adobe After Effects by our in-house team, making use of our state-of-the-art facilities with RAID and Cloud backups for maximum security. We also made use of Adobe’s Team Projects feature, allowing multiple members of the E/A team to work on the project across multiple machines for maximum flexibility. This is our preferred way of working as it protects against most forms of data and progress loss, enables us to assign multiple editors to a single project, and allows us to deliver new versions quickly and efficiently.

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