Northern Lights

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The Brief

Our in-house producer-director Christopher Reith was contacted by Leeds based agency 6B Digital to direct a piece of Hero Content for Northern Lights to showcase their hand crafted, bespoke lights for hotels, exhibitions and art projects.

The client was keen to take the audience on a journey to showcase the entire process; from the start of the work day, to the design and production of lighting fixtures, to their final placement in hotels and bars as part of an amazing decor.

We were keen to stray from conventional, corporate aesthetics in this piece, and Chris advocated for a more cinematic approach – drawing from examples he had recently encountered during his time at the Tromso Film Festival in Norway.

The Shoot

For this shoot, we opted to utilise a two-man crew – with Christopher serving as a Self-Shooting Producer-Director and our Head of Production Michael serving as Director of Photography.

Chris designed a incredible precise shooting plan for this piece; opting for a slow-burning, pensive tonality that relied heavily on symmetrical framing, textured closeups and a combination of static shots and slow tracking movements. He and Michael meticulously executed these shots to ensure that they were able to fully showcase the craftsmanship and artistry involved in the creation of each lighting fixture.

Filming took place over three days; two were spent at Northern Lights production hub in Derbyshire and one was spent filming in several five star London hotels which feature fittings from the company.


The Edit

This was a shoot only project for Ether/Awe, with the edit being completed internally by 6B Digital.

After the shoot had wrapped, the raw footage was handed over to 6B with a story structure from Chris to assist them in the edit.

Chris and Michael’s collaborative efforts, combined with their attention to detail and understanding of the project’s objectives, laid a solid foundation for 6B to edit a visually captivating and emotionally resonant video that would showcase Northern Lights’ craftsmanship and the unique ambience their lighting fixtures bring to various spaces.

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